Chandler Elementary

Sara Chitjian Taught 4th grade students at Chandler Elementary from 1970 to 1973

For the first time while teaching, I had two and a half Armenian students. There was Roxanne who is now in charge of the Armenian Genocide program in San Francisco. The other was Alison Balian and then there was a boy who was half Armenian. It was because of their presence that I first thought of establishing an Armenian club with the students. However before I could set up the Armenian program, I received a call from Dixie Canyon Elementary to teach 6th grade math there. Since two of the Armenian students were transferring out to the Ferrian Armenian School I decided to pursue The Dixie Canyon option because it was already established as a great school. It would be there where I would begin my Armenian Studies program.

Chandler Elementary was Sara’s second School she worked and she taught 4th grade there for three years. These papers represent two of Sara’s yearly programs for social studies that would culminate with an end of the year evening event where by the students enacted what they learned.

Sara’s Classes


Class of 1971 Students

Class of 1971 Staff


Class of 1972 Students

Class of 1972 Staff


Class of 1973 Students

Class of 1973 Staff

Photos from Chandler Elementary

Photos of various programs Sara designed for her students.