About Dr. Mikahil Hagopian

Kharpert – Dr. Mikahil Hagopian: A most esteemed, self sacrificing doctor during the most terrifying days of the 1915 Genocide. While fearing for his own life and that of his family, he still tended to the gravely ill, gave money to the needy and did his best to help those fleeing from the claws of the barbaric Turks.

Excerpt from “A Hair’s Breadth from Death”

Hampartzoum admired Dr. Mikahil Hagopian perhaps more than any other person becuase of his selfless acts during the most dire times to care for the needy, the sick and orphaned children during the Armenian Genocide.

Excerpt from Memoir

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Excerpt from Memoir

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Excerpt from Memoir

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Excerpt from Memoir

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One of Hampartzoum’s many collages, this one inspired by Mikahil Hagopian

A birthday card Sara Chitjian made for Mikahil Hagopians son Michael.

Dr. Michael Hagopian would go from village to village by horse treating the sick regardless of their nationality.

Hampartzoum recounts his time as a young man working at Dr. Michael’s home in Mezreh.

DooDoo – Michael’s grandmother cared for Hampartzoum

Hampartzoum reflects on Dr. Michael’s House.

Michael Hagopian’s father is on the far right

Dr J Michael Hagopian 90th Bday Event

Speakers talk about Armenian art, the Armenian Genocide and celebrate the life and contributions of Dr. J Michael Hagopian for his 90th birthday celebration event.