George Kooshian

Dr. George Kooshian, Visiting Movel Professor at UCLA, March 2004 UCLA–Dr. George B. Kooshian, Jr. has been appointed as Visiting Movel Professor at UCLA for the Spring Quarter. A specialist on Armenian immigration, Dr. Kooshian will teach a course on the history of the Armenian community in California from its earliest settlers to the present. Professor Richard Hovannisian, AEF Chair in Modern Armenian History at UCLA, stated: “The Armenian community of California has a rich and colorful history, which unfortunately
remains virtually unknown to great waves of recent Armenian immigrants. The course Dr. Kooshian has been invited to teach will certainly help to fill this void.” George Kooshian was born and reared Pasadena, California, attended Pasadena public schools and Pasadena City College. He graduated from Seattle Pacific College with a degree in Latin. After two years in
the Army, he entered graduate school at UCLA and received an MA in Linguistics and a Certificate in the teaching of English as a Second Language. Dr. Kooshian then entered the Armenian History program and
studied under Professor Hovannisian. He was granted the Ph.D. in 2002. His interest in the American-Armenian community of his birth led him to write his dissertation on “The Armenian Immigrant Community of
California, 1880–1935.” This work was based primarily on original accounts in California Armenian-language newspapers and other sources. For many years Dr. Kooshian has taught English as a Second Language, American History and Government, Citizenship, and other subjects to adults in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He has also taught
at the University of La Verne and the American Armenian I,nternational College, and has served as a teaching assistant at UCLA. He recently delivered papers on the history of the Armenian immigrant community of
Pasadena in New York and San Francisco and is currently preparing the stirring autobiography of his father for publication. Dr. Kooshian is
a member of the Society for Armenian Studies, the Middle East Studies Association, and the National Education Association.

George speaks at Sara Chitjian’s In Service Program

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