Lucina Agbabian

January 14, 1928 – June 28, 2015 LUCINA AGBABIAN HUBBARD was born in Cyprus to Reverend Siragan and Parouhi Agbabian. Her father was the Minister of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Cyprus. Lucina was four years old when the family moved to Aleppo, Syria where her father continued his ministry at the Emmanuel Church. She was a student at the elementary school of the Church and after she graduated from the American High School for Girls she went to California where her two brothers, Mihran and Hrant, had moved as students. She joined them as a student at UC Berkeley, and when her parents joined her and their two sons the family settled in Los Angeles. Lucina continued her studies at UCLA in the World Arts and Cultures program. After graduation she taught two courses, Introduction to Armenian Music and Armenian Musical Culture, at the University of Southern California for 21 years. She spent many months in Armenia studying Armenian folk music. She established a unique music program at Merdinian School based on the methodology of Orff Schulwerk and Kodaly, with a special emphasis on Armenian music. She enjoyed teaching music to children while she also was a soloist in many concerts. As co-chair of the Hymnal Committee she spent 17 years compiling material for the New Armenian Evangelical Hymnal, a bilingual hymnal representing a broad variety of musical and literary styles from many nations and cultures, including a large selection of Armenian liturgical music. When Lucina was at UC Berkeley she met Harmon Hubbard, a graduate student in Physics and friend of her brother Mihran, and they decided to get married. Lucina’s father performed the wedding at the Cilicia Armenian Evangelical Church in Pasadena. Harmon and Lucina asked her Architect brother, Hrant, who had just completed his studies in Architecture to design a house for them. They both enjoyed living in this house until they passed away three years apart.

Lucina speaks at Sara Chitjian’s In Service Program

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