Mardig Hampartzoum Chitjian

Born February 20th, 1930 – Died October 27th, 1983

High School Photo

Hampartzoum and Marty

Hampartzoum, Zaruhy, Ovsanna and Mardig

Virgine Noubarian was appreciated by the family because she would send care packages to Mardig while he was stationed in Japan with the U.S. Military.

Mardig Chitjian’s Obituary

Written by Mardig’s father Hampartzoum Chitjian.

Written by Mardig’s father Hampartzoum Chitjian

1983 An Infamous Day

Written by Sara Chitjian

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What Went Wrong–Raising his Son?

Was it written in the wind? Was Hampartzoum blind-sighted?
Hampartzoum’s father Mardiros sacrificed everything to make sure that Hampartzoum and his twin had the best education. Thus, Hampartzoum made sure that his son Mardig would have the same.
What went wrong? Why did Mardig turn him down? What were his son’s aspirations? His actions reflect he wanted an easy life-without toil. Life did not give that to Hampartzoum. Mardig did not equal his father’s success-even though he was born with a silver lining he wanted it his way, exerting no effort. Who failed? Mardig or his father? Ovsanna warned Hampartzoum as much as she favored Mardig: you are spoiling your son! Hampartzoum gave all he could and more. Was Ovsanna also at fault? They both had satisfaction, praising Mardig over Zaruhy, he could do no wrong, she could do no right. For 75 years, that was life: what did Ovsanna gain, what did Mardig gain? What did Hampartzoum gain? Outside of the family, this was noticed and questioned– even by their social friends. Could parents give too much love, could Mardig take the perks while at the same time chose to live his life, his way? Unfortunately this is all I know of my brother – Zaruhy

An Armenian Father’s Faith and Dream for His Son

Written by Hampartzoum Chitjian and placed in the casket of his son Mardig on the day of his funeral at the young age 50.

Photos of Mardig thru the years of his life