Newspaper Clippings

In 1915 there were 145 articles written in The New York Times describing the massacres of Armenians as a mass extermination by Turkey and yet certain countries including the perpetrator continue to deny this genocide occurred.

These Newspaper Clippings reflect incidents that could be found within the Chitjian Collection. The complete collection of relevant newspaper clippings is archived at The Chitjian Foundation located at CSUN University.

“What good is freedom of press if the truth is too hard to accept?” – Sara Chitjian

They Survived The Terror: Memories Of The Armenian Genocide

The Whittier Daily News ran a four page mini series article in the newspaper April 22, 23, 24 and 25th 1981,  in parallel to the April 24th Remembrance Day of The Armenian Genocide. This article would be the only time that Kaspar (Hampartzoum’s brother) would officially tell his story.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Selected newspaper clippings with Hampartzoum Chitjian

Armenians Celebrate Heritage and Survival.

Thousands of Armenians in L.A. Celebrate.

Armenian film foundation documentary showing Witnesses

Survivors recall 1915 Nightmare.

6000 join in Los Angeles Armenian Rally

April 24th Resolution Announced

Fiends and relatives pay tribute

The challenges of Genocide Awareness

Posters With A Purpose

Azerbaijan goes into Hysterics

Mexico National Archive Reveals 1700’s Inquisition Trial of Armenian

History textbooks found pandering to interest groups

Turkey’s alzheimer’s of history

Turkey’s seizure of Churches and land alarms Armenians

Armenia as National Homeland

Araz Artinian article

The Armenian Mirror – Armenian Communities in China

The Armenian Observer – Armenian Studies in China

The derogatory term “Gavour” being used in contemporary times.

Castro’s Blood Lives in Armenia!

Udi’s: The Forgotten Brothers’ of Armenians

ChunKush Loses One More Hero

U.S. Embassador To Armenia

U.N.’S Samantha Power Warns Against Dangers of Armenian Genocide Denial.

Russian Co-Creator of Mig-29 Jet Ivan Mikoyan Dies at 89

Armenian American Artists, Writers and Activists Stand with Standing Rock.

The Big Armenian Myth. (Sara Chitjian’s main fear!)

The Last Inhabitant of Gyurjevan

Addressing The Hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy regarding human rights issues with their partners.

Turks to memorialize victims of the Indian Genocide.

Armenian community activist passes away

Thousands march for Dink!

Turkish – Armenian reconciliation elusive decade after Dink’s murder.

Political commentary cartoons

America subsidizes the denial

Dr. Vahram Sehmmassian

Armenian Diaspora in the Soviet Union

Armenian Exodus from Russia

Dr. Marco Brambilla Presents Armenian Architecture in Cilician Kingdom

I received this Armenian event Announcement from my dear friend Mary Joan Thomsen. She always shares all things Armenian with me, whenever she comes across them. Since the onset of our friendship at UCLA she has always known and respected my interests in Armenian culture! Thus you could not believe how surprised I was that a Methodist Church in Northridge, CA. would host such a rich and diverse cultural program.

Aurora Mardiganian

Aurora Mardiganian Continued

L.A. Unified expands dual language program

Bilingual Battle

Controversial Armenian Exhibit Removed

Armenian Heritage Class Offered in Los Angeles City System

The State Sanctioned Genocide of Native Americans

Pipeline protesters doused in freezing weather.

Cultural Diversity: The Salad Bowl Theory

Save a Language, Save a Culture.

Kerk Kerkorian Article page 1

Kerk Kerkorian Article page 2

Kerk Kerkorian Article page 3

Kerk Kerkorian Article page 4

Sara Chitjian’s pupils from Dixie Canyon Elementary  to mark Armenian Heritage

Erdogan Opponents Complain

This map demonstrates well the geographic relation between Armenia, Turkey and other neighbors.

Turkey Key to U.S.

Same Place Same Time

Perpetually Dissatisfied

Anguish & Policy

I was there – by Levon Mishmisshian

Armenians and Native American Indians in Solidarity!

Major Conference on Recent Armenian Archeology

The ANCA recognizes teachers of Genocide.

Arthur Kokozian elected President of American Armenian Rose Float Association

Shades of L.A.

U.S. and Turkey in Dispute

Travelers on the Path

Obama Again avoids Use of Genocide Word

Full Articele

Hastert Pleads Guilty

Obama Again avoids Use of Genocide Word

Full Articele

Armenian Churches located in the Eastern United States

Hastert Withdraws Genocide Resolution

Click here to read full article

As Sibel Edmonds Predicted: Dennis Hastert Joins Joins Firm Lobbying for Turkey.

Turkish Setbacks

Turkey pays former CIA Director

Many Faces of The Pro Turkish Lobby

Resolution Condemns Turkish Violence

Human Rights Discussed at Dink Program

Armenian Genocide Library Opens in Washington

Genocide Site Sold

To View The Cafesjian Center For The Arts, Click Here

Azerbaijan Accused of Giving Millions in Bribes to Council of Europe.

To Read the full article, Click Here

Live ANCA footage went viral and served as source video for CNN, AP News, Etc…

Hastert Troubles Mount

LAUSD Sets Goal of Biliteracy for All

Armenian Monastery in Turkey, A New Target

Swiss Couple Saved 8,000 Orphans during Armenian Genocide.

Link to full online article, Click Here

Sara’s cousin becomes the Mayor of Lyon, France.

Zoryan Institute Explores the Saga of Christians in the Middle East.

Link to full online article, Click Here

Publishing House Raided by Turkish Police

Link to full online article, Click Here

Azeris Fire Missile into Artsakh

Link to full online article, Click Here

Former House Speaker Hastert Indicted

Link to full online article, Click Here

Kurdish Independence Aspirations Raise Red Flags in Middle East.

Link to full online article, Click Here

US House Unanimously Condemns Turkish Violence Against Protestors.

Kerkorian Bet on the future

They Exemplify Sacrifice and Dedication.

ANCA recognizes educators for teaching Genocide.

Beirut Conference for Peace.

Why Turkey Deploys its troops in Quatar.

Kurdish Independence

The Middle Eastern Egg – Did Turkey hatch out of an egg? One day they were Ottoman and the next they became a Republic.

English Loss over Time

Iraq Bush

Jerusalem archive yields Armenian genocide Smoking Gun.

Full Article:

Armenian Branch at Univserity

One of many projects Sara supports

Architects of Denial , A documentary about the Armenian Genocide that is well reviewed:

Click to Read the review

Washington Genocide Museum Shame Continues.

The Armenian Dilemma

The Other Turkey Speaks Out

On Komitas

Charles Aznavour

Aso Tavitian Page 1

Aso Tavitian Page 2

If Not Us Then Who

Challenging Genocide Denial at Capital Hill!

Turkey Destroys its Historical Archives

Turkey Claims no need for US as ties deteriorate.

Armenian communities in China

Kurdish aspirations of Independance

Turkey hires more US lobbyists

Armenian branch opening at Goethe University

Armenian Sailboat reaches CA.

The Armenian Airforce

Armenians in France

Armenians of Zimbabwe

Armenians of Singapore

page 1

Armenians of Singapore

page 2

Armenians of Egypt

FBI uncovering Turkish ties within the White House

Soviet Armenia Redux

Intent to destroy film shows that Armenian past is not over.

Turkey Denies

Martin Luther King & Armenians

Armenians protest in NYC

Turkey’s EU Problems

Hitler and the Armenian Genocide

100 Great Armenians

Power to the people

Christians fear losing freedom

Armenian Genocide Gallery in Rwanda Museum

Deniers Discuss Armenian Genocide at Johns Hopkins

EU wants reforms to continue in Turkey

ANCA celebrates 3 Armenian Educators

Margosyan Masterpiece published in English

Dr. Kaprielian gives speech in La Crescenta

Thousands of Armenians demonstrate

Tribute to old Watertown

ANCA welcomes Interns

Turkey attempts to remove Genocide from History books

The complete article available: HERE

Exposing Turkey’s Trickery

Turkish Bribery Accusations Page 1

Turkish Bribery Accusations Page 2

An Inconvenient Patriot

Click to read Full article here

Scholars Call it Genocide

Read Full Article Here

Making amends for The Armenian Genocide

Read Full Article Here

Once upon a time in Turkey

Page 1

Once upon a time in Turkey

Page 2

Armenian women leaders stand against domestic abuse

Armenian Artisan’s

Tumo’s video game wins innovation award

Scholars, artists, thought-leaders ReThink…

Turkey’s ties with West Deteriorate

Turkish Activist Admits Major Blow

Every Armenian is Proof

Turkish imam goes extra mile

Epic rock Festival in Armenia

Reimagine, Redefine, Identity, Education, Culture

Armenian start-up ecosystem

Baku asked Israeli firm to conduct drone strikes

Washington Genocide museum shame continues

Writers from the “other” Turkey speak out in Frankfurt

Writers from the “other” Turkey speak out in Frankfurt – continued

Stellar panel of journalists

Armenian artist presents a global dialogue

Nor Keghi School Project

From Artsakh to Navajoland

From Artsakh to Navajoland Part 2

Mexican lawmakers honor Genocide

Dignity mission of The Armenians

Map of ancient Armenia stirs Turkish officials

Armenian Development News 2017

L.A.’s History on Display

Educational Society of Malatia

Armenian Exhibit Removed!!

The administration of the Armenian School

State Dept. controlled by Turkey

Memories of an invisible holocaust

Page 1

Memories of an invisible holocaust

Page 2

Kurds could be key to the Middle East

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Scholar discusses Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument

Page 1

The Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument

Page 2

Turkey is key to US  Middle East Strategy

Armenian Genocide not up for debate

Armenian political cartoons

Armenian political cartoons

Armenian political cartoons

Armenian political cartoons

Armenian political cartoons

Armenian political cartoons

Armenian political cartoons

Armenian political cartoons

A beautiful mosque and the dark period of the Armenian Genocide

Art in Action

Page 1

Art in Action

Page 2

Writers will not be silenced

Page 1

Writers will not be silenced

Page 2

Is a political storm gathering over Armenia

Page 1

Is a political storm gathering over Armenia

Page 2

International Legal Expert Affirms Artsakh’s Right of Self Datermination

Historian Claude Mutafian Presents Two Films

Aliyev The Emperor

Critics of Turkey’s president across Europe

Erdogan wants to challenge Lausanne treaty

Kerkorian is greatest deal maker

Aleppo Cuisine

Turkey Still Refuses its Forgotten Genocide.

The Yanikian Case

YMCA relief a century ago

Page 1

YMCA relief a century ago

Page 2

A Mosque and the Dark Period of The Armenian Genocide

Science and Technology

The Parikian Collection

Leveled Ancestral Armenian Church

New records added to Ani Website

Armenian and Jewish Genocide

The Courior / page 1

Armenian and Jewish Genocide

The Courior / page 2

Lisa Kennedy supports Armenian Genocide Recognition

Remembering former Gov. George Deukmejian

All Power to The People

Young entrepreneurs in Armenia!

Alexis Ohanian

Armenian Americans Protest

Armenian Americans Protest

Guerguerian Archives

Page 1

Guerguerian Archives

Page 2

Guerguerian Archives

Page 3

Turkish court seeks warrant for Ragip Zarakolu

Armenian grassroots Activity

Armenia: the bitter memories of Genocide

The plight of Armenians in Turkey

History textbooks found pandering to interest groups

Pashinyan, Macron discuss Karabakh resolution

Turkish novelist in prison for writing book on Armenian Genocide

U.N. Supports Armenia

Million Armenians Killed – New York Times

Million Armenians Killed – New York Times,

Page 2

Depopulation of Armenia

Turkish Racism

Armenian Turks

Pashinyan and Aliyev Agree to De – escalate situation

Pashinyan meets President Trump

French Armenian singer Charles Aznavour dies aged 94

Pashinyan, Macron discuss Karabakh Resolution

Texas Republican Congressman Ted Poe Urges US to Recognize the Armenian Genocide

Pashinyan and Aliyev agree to De-escalate situation on Border Line.

Armenian Political Comic Commentary

Angela Merkel Followed Armenian Velvet Revolution

Pashinyan Meets Putin in Moscow

Armenia Ascending

Armenian Summit

The Armenian Genocide of 1915, an Overview

Turkish professor harasses Armenian journalist

Street name in Istanbul changed to Dink

The Economist names Armenia country of the year for 2018!

Article Link

Hampartzoum and Ovsanna Chitjian

Israeli drone firm faces charges for “bombing” Armenians for Azerbaijan.

The California Courier

Colorado Senate recognizes Artsakh

Pashinyan Slams Erdogan

Erdogan says deportations were reasonable.

Pashinyan calls Erdogan’s statement on the Armenian Genocide “Hateful”.

Armenia, land of Eden and Refuge of Noah’s Ark.

Turkish cleric forces Armenian bot to convert to Islam

Muslim leader calls on Turkey to apologize for the Armenian Genocide.

Kurds in Turkey atone for their role in the Armenian Genocide.

Full Article Here

Jerusalem archive yields Armenian genocide smoking gun

In a landmark discovery, a Turkish historian says he has found in a copy of a Jerusalem archive collection a “smoking gun” proving beyond doubt that the Ottoman Empire carried out the premeditated genocide of hundreds of thousands of Armenians and attempted to cover up evidence of the event.

After years of searching for irrefutable proof of the genocide, Taner Akcam, a Turkish-born scholar at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, says he has uncovered a long-lost telegram used as evidence in military tribunals that convicted the planners of the mass killings, The New York Times reported Saturday.

“Until recently, the smoking gun was missing,” Akcam, who is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on the Armenian cause, told the paper. “This is the smoking gun.”

The telegram, originally written in secret code, is a request from a high-level Turkish official, Behaeddin Shakir, for details from the field about the deportations and killings of Armenians in the eastern Turkish region of Anatolia, the report said.

The document, found by Akcam in a copy of an archive held by the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, is a deciphered version of the original telegram that was used to help convict Shakir of planning the murders. According to Akcam, the discovery proves both the existence of the tribunals and, for the first time, the deliberate and willful official planning involved in carrying out the massacres.

Purple forget-me-not flowers, the symbol of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, in a courtyard of the monastery in Jerusalem‘s Old City. (Melanie Lidman/Times of Israel)

Akcam said the find was “an earthquake in our field,” and expressed hope it would remove “the last brick in the denialist wall.”

The killings of up to 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks around the time of World War I is widely viewed by scholars as the first genocide of the 20th century.

Turkey, however, denies that the deaths constituted genocide, saying the toll has been inflated and that those killed were victims of war and civil unrest. Ankara has admitted that large-scale massacres took place, but says they were perpetrated in self-defense against what it describes as a Russian-inspired uprising by Armenians.

Monday marks the annual commemoration of the day when some 250 Armenian intellectuals were rounded up in what is regarded as the first step of the massacres.

For years, Akcam, along with other historians, has been searching for documents from the 1919-20 military tribunals to constitute firsthand proof of the genocide and subsequent coverup. With the court transcripts and original documents destroyed, researchers have thus far relied on summaries from Ottoman newspapers for information from the trials.

The telegram was discovered in a collection of court records, shipped out of Turkey in 1922 by Armenian leaders fearing they would be destroyed by Turkish nationalists who would later seize control of the country.

Brought to Jerusalem in the 1930s, the collection was put in an archive in the Armenian Patriarchate but was inaccessible to researchers, the report said. Recently, however, Akcam discovered that the entire collection had been photographed in the 1940s by an Armenian monk who passed the photos on to a nephew currently living in New York.

After hours of painstaking work sifting through the photos, Akcam was eventually able to match some of documents to the the coded letterhead of the Turkish Interior Ministry at the time.