Posters & Collages

Hampartzoum began making posters and collages in his 70’s after he had retired. He had always been active in bringing awareness to the Armenian Genocide by speaking about it whenever he could to whom ever would listen. He and his entire family would participate in the various Armenian Genocide awareness marches thru out his entire life and after he retired, he began to make and bring along posters and collages to the events.

Hampartzoum would leave his house and walk many miles to a Kinko’s copy center where he would have people copy and enlarge photos and writings of his and then he would assemble them into large format collages. These expressions were done often without the family knowing where he was going or what he was doing. It was a creative impulse of his that really flourished after he retired and began using his time more completely towards these activities.

One of Hampartzoum’s many sketches of birds and horses.

Hampartzoum’s Portrait of His Father

Hampartzoum’s original sketch and writing.

Page from Sara’s copy of “A Hair’s Breadth from Death” with notes and translation

Two of Hampartzoum’s Drawings

Hampartzoum drew many things and had particular interest with horses and other natural themes. Unfortunately special consideration was never taken for any of these works and therefore most of them were thrown away.

Drawing #1

Drawing #2

Hampartzoum Maps his Village

Hampartzoum never gave up telling his story until his last breath. His village, his family, his home were so deeply rooted in his heart that he could visualize in great detail the layout. Between map one and two we can recognize his cognitive decline between the ages 98 to 103. By any standard we can see that his mind was very sharp until has last breathe!

 Hampartzoum draws this map in 1999

Map #1

Hampartzoum’s Final attempt in 2003 just before he passed away.

Map #2

Hampartzoum made this collage in honor of Sara’s students

The translation for Hampartzoums’ collage

This is a typical sign Hampartzoum often saw during the times of The Armenian Genocide and would become the inertia for Hampartzoum’s own sign, posters and collage creations much later in his life.

These words haunted Hampartzoum all his life. Signage used to terrorize Armenians in the Ottoman era villages around 1915 during the Genocide. Thus Hampartzoum later in life would also make signage posters demanding justice.

Sample Collage With Translations

Black Days Collage

Black Days Translated

Bickering Priests

Bickering Priests translated

How Collages Came To Be

Hampartzoum was well versed and comfortable expressing himself with words, having written much poetry, letters and texts in his lifetime. However it was not until his late 70’s when he began using photo copy machines available at places like Kinkos to assemble images and text together. He did this for the next 20 years until his death at 103 years of age. What surprised Sara was that Hampartzoum would go on his own by foot or public transportation to find businesses that had these machines and assemble his collage creations.

Example 1

Example 2

The Posters and Collages of Hampartzoum Chitjian.

Many of the posters Hampartzoum made were to attract attention when he went to go to protests in an effort to bring awareness and attention to The Armenian Genocide. These images are available as high resolution files for reproduction purposes.